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Fighters Hive is a fight school that has come together in the pursuit of excellence in Mixed Martial Arts. We have a wide variety of members from professional fighters to total beginners who just want to get fit and learn a martial art, in a professional and friendly environment.

We are from a Muay Thai background coming from the biggest and most successful Muay Thai organisation in Scotland, producing some of the most successful and top fighters from Scotland. We are proud of this heritage and believe some of the top teams in the world come from a similar background producing some of the best MMA fighters in the world.

We do not neglect our ground skills; we practice no gi BJJ, Judo Wrestling and Sambo, with some of the best ground fighters in the country, making Fighters Hive a complete MMA training school and gym.





I have been a student of martial arts since the age of 8. I started doing karate and moved on to do taekwondo and achieving my black belt; also competing and winning gold, silver medals in national tournaments in tkd and open tournaments.

I always loved the way the thais fight so started doing muay thai, as back then it was not very common because of the tough art it is but thanks to my instructor and respected friend kru Bobby Thompson taught me the art of muay thai. Grading under master Sken ,and achieving my red armband instructed by Kru Bobby thompson graded by chief instructor Kru John Craig a former student of master Sken.

During this time I fought at amateur and pro level in muay thai, and continuing to always be a student of the arts was cross training in boxing, no gi grappling bjj,judo and wrestling. I am an avid lover of mma and am always learning & training to evolve in the various arts that are contained in mma, training with world and commonwealth champions in grappling and muaythai boxing. I will always be a student of the arts and continue to learn and develop, and help others who share the same passion in martial arts and health and fitness.



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Barry is a instructor at fighters hive fightcell gym.


Barry is a 2nd Dan red armband  in the art of muay thai boxing ,also fighting as a full-pro muay thai fighter in national and international events around the world. Holding the Scottish UKMF Muay Thai Title. Barry is also a qualified ref and thai judge giving Barry an extensive knowledge of Muay Thai.

Barry coaches muay thai and also fighter fitness classes, making  sure all our students get the best and highest quality training we can offer from our team here  at fighters hive.